Episode 86: How Inner Spring helps you to Tend to your Uniqueness (Alexandra & Sjanie)

How do you experience the pre-ovulation phase of your cycle - your inner spring? Is it a time of ease and flow,  or perhaps anxiety and insecurity? Maybe  a mixture of both?  

Whatever your experience, we hope that today's episode will shed some light on the powers of inner spring for you. It's our first Q+A episode where Red School founders Alexandra and Sjanie will answer your questions about how to work with your cycle in the pre-ovulation phase.

We explore questions like:

In This Episode:

- What to do if your experience of inner spring is different to many people, due to health challenges, and how to handle the shame that can arise?

- How to hold yourself when emotional vulnerabilities and wounds come up in inner spring

- How to emerge tenderly from your bleed in a world that often doesn’t support that, and how to meet the rising energy of spring in a generative way, especially when it appears as anxiety and insecurity.

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