Episode 81: Freedom, Focus and Fulfillment in Post Menopause Life (Lynne McTaggart)

Alexandra is your host today as this is the next in our Wise Power Retreat series,  where she is having conversations with thought leaders, teachers and change-makers about what menopause revealed and awakened in them.

Her guest is Lynne McTaggart -
who is regularly voted in the top 100 of spiritual teachers for her work around the power of intention.

The arrival of Lynne's children birthed the first great work of her life, her magazine, What Doctors Don’t Tell You, and menopause heralded the birth of the work she is devoting the rest of her life to - exploring the human energy field and why spiritual healing works.

In This Episode:
  • New ways to approach aging, and the truth that menopause isn't about losing faculties - more faculties are actually coming on line.

  • How menopause kicked Lynne’s ‘disruptor gene’ into gear, and how it helped her to awaken to who she truly is.

  • Lynne's post menopausal zest, and how we can all embrace our third acts, move beyond the roles we have previously held, and instead ask  -'what else do I want to do with my life?'.

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