Episode 80: Cyclical Wisdom for Life’s Greatest Challenges (Carly Mountain)

The menstrual cycle is encoded with wisdom that can support us through life’s greatest challenges.

Learning to read and receive this wisdom is a lifelong process - and in today’s conversation with psychotherapist and author, Carly Mountain, we explore what one of our oldest goddess myths can teach us about embodying cyclical wisdom as we face all that life throws our way.

Carly has worked in a cycle-inspired way for many years as a women’s initiatory guide. She has channelled her learnings into her new book Decent and Rising, which explores the ancient goddess myth of Innana and her descent into the underworld as a framework for how to manage grief, loss, illness and other dark night’s of the soul.

In today’s conversations we look at each part of the myth through the lens of the inner seasons of the menstrual cycle, and how each cycle phase makes us more resilient, strong and wise

In This Episode:
  • How the tenderising of the pre-menstruum helps us to contact the deeper, body knowings that live below our day-to-day consciousness.

  • The physical and metaphorical shedding of menstruation - the death part of the death and rebirth - is exactly what makes way for the new shoots - the potential of inner spring.

  • As we rise with the new momentum of inner spring, we rise rooted, deepened by the underworld of the menstruation process.

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Show Notes:
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