Episode 8: How Cycle Awareness Unlocks Your Creativity

In this conversation, Alexandra and Sjanie take us behind the scenes of their menopause book writing process to explore how menstrual cycle awareness can help each of us cultivate intimate connection to our own unique creative process, whether you’re bringing your creativity to work, art, healing, parenting, nurturing, activism or any other form of expression.

They share how they’ve each been tutored by their cycles as well as Alexandra’s menopause process to navigate a wide array of creative challenges, harness the powers of each cycle phase and fully express their Calling.

In This Episode:
  • How to manage the inner critic - especially when it hijacks the early phases of a creative project - avoid the trap of procrastination and heal the layers of shame that can block ouu creativity.

  • How to harvest the innocence, playfulness and improvisational strengths of inner spring (pre-ovulation) to trick yourself into creative expression, swim in the unknown and bring brand new ideas into the world.

  • How to honour the critical energy of inner autumn (pre-menstruum) to polish the rough diamond of your work through constructive critical feedback, and get to the essence of what you’re trying to express in the most potent way.

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