Episode 78: How Cycle Awareness Evolves us into Visionary Leaders (with Special Guests)

What does it really take to be a visionary leader? And how can menstrual cycle awareness support us to face the challenges and stretch that leadership always brings?

In today's episode we share excerpts from our Menstruality Leadership Lab - a free, four-day online leadership training exploring how the hidden powers of the menstrual cycle and menopause can help us lead sustainably, with heart, integrity and wisdom.

Red School co-founder Alexandra shares her biggest leadership challenge and how cycle awareness has helped her to cultivate one of many menstruality leadership skills to meet it: the art of pacing.

We also hear clips from Alexandra and Sjanie's conversations with our special guests, four women who have boldly stepped forward to live their Calling; medicine woman Asha Frost, author and activist Amisha Ghadiali, folk singer and period preacher Lucy Peach and School of Movement Medicine co-founder Susannah Darling Khan.

In This Episode:

- How Asha handled critical feedback when her work went viral.

- How Amisha faces the faces the challenge of making a steady living as a visionary.

- What made Lucy become a period preacher

- How Susannah handled an embarrassing moment in her leadership journey.

Listen to The Full Episode Here:
Show Notes:

Register for the Menstruality Leadership lab for free at: www.redschool.net/lab

Registration is now open for our 2023 Menstruality Leadership Programme. You can take your seat here: www.menstrualityleadership.com

Episode Transcript
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