Episode 74: Why is it So Hard to Rest At Menstruation & Menopause? (Alexandra & Sjanie)

Menstruation and menopause awaken us to our deep selves, but to do that, they ask that we pull away from the world, stop and rest. The trouble is that rest can be a great challenge for most if us given the momentum at work in our world today.

If you struggle to ‘just let go’ and rest when you bleed, or during the unfolding of your menopause process, this episode is for you.

In This Episode:
  • How our inner critics get in the way of rest (come to our Harness Your Inner Critic workshop on Feb 14th if you need support with this).

  • There are inner barriers to rest, and there are also cultural, systemic barriers, particularly for marginalised communities; including people of colour, the LGBTQ+ community, and people living with a disability.

  • Three powers of menstruality that can help us to get more rest: interoception and the art of restedness, and making small shifts.

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