Episode 5: How to Channel your Cycle’s Superpowers in Work and Business (Claire Baker)

Period Coach and Red School MLP graduate, Claire Baker has built a wildly successful, impactful, vision-led business as an author, teacher and leader in the menstruality field. In this episode we go behind the scenes of her business, exploring how she works with the superpowers and vulnerabilities of her menstrual cycle to create potent programmes, manage her team skillfully, lead with integrity and find the pleasure in her creative process.

In This Episode:
  • How Claire harnesses the momentum of inner spring, paces her workflow to protect her vulnerable new ideas, and invites her playful, innocent maiden self to explore and experiment.

  • The natural magnetism of inner summer, and how to harness our capacity to be seen in this phase to create connections, nurture relationships and express ourselves with confidence.

  • How she manages her inner critic and imposter syndrome in inner autumn, uses the power of discernment to evaluate and wrap up her work and crafts space to be in her creative cave.
  • Practical guidance to create space for visioning in inner winter, to receive insights, be your own ‘oracle’ and clarify the most potent next steps for your work.
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