Episode 47: The Healing Connection Between the Womb and the Voice (Shakirah Sabira)

Across the ages women and birthing people have been invited by midwives and doulas to relax their jaw and throat to support the opening of the cervix in labour.

In today’s conversation we explore why this is so important, we explore the connection between our throats, our voices, and the emotional and physical health of our wombs.

I’m talking with Shakirah Sabira who is a doula, African womb healing practitioner, and the founder of Barakha’s Doula. Shakirah began her career as a doula serving women in the Middle East and West Africa, including seven months working in a rural clinic supporting the local midwife in the Mauritanian desert, a trip which profoundly changed her life, and guided her to her calling.

Through Shakirah’s story, and the experiences with her teachers and clients, as well as Sophie's own womb healing experience, we look at what it means to give your womb a voice, how release stagnant energy, express yourself and find a profound source of healing within us.

In This Episode:
  • How Shakirah sang her period back, after her menstrual cycle stopped following a traumatic relationship breakup and divorce.

  • The connection between trauma, the womb and the voice, and how speaking truth, singing and freeing up the throat can facilitate deep healing.

  • Why women and people with periods need to share our stories, to release our shame, and support each other to heal, simply by no longer feeling alone.

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