Episode 44: Six Steps to Survive Menopause *Wise Power Series* (Alexandra & Sjanie)

When you find yourself in the thick of the menopause transition, there’s no maintaining life as normal. How can we support ourselves to manage the day to day realities of life amidst the huge initiation of menopause?

In this episode we explore the six steps of our ‘menopause triage’ and how they help you to dignify and honour what you’re experiencing.

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In This Episode:
  • The power of accepting the fact that you’re in menopause, and that you have a ‘new normal’.

  • The art of ‘snudging’ and why it’s the a key skill to cultivate in menopause.

  • The menopause superpowers that can help you to put these triage steps into preactice, including the power of No.

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