Episode 36: How we Run a Cycle Aware Business (Alexandra & Sjanie)

The hidden agenda of the menstrual cycle is to help us become more fully ourselves. As we deepen our cycle awareness practice, it plugs us into our calling, our vision, our unique way of expressing our genius. The realising of this calling often requires an our structure, which often looks like a business. The beautiful thing is that the menstrual cycle can resource us along the way. 

We’re in the middle of launching our brand new programme, Your Cyclical Business which is designed to support you if you’re a teacher, healer or creative, a freelancer, or a purpose-led entrepreneur to channel the wisdom of your menstrual cycle to create a thriving business.

So in our conversation today we want to invite you behind-the-scenes of Red School to see how we work with our cycles (and for Alexandra her post-menopause process) to run our cycle-aware business.

In This Episode:

  • How resting and tending to your nervous system in inner winter is a key to managing overwhelm, and creating sustainable work rhythms without burning out

  • How each inner season of the cycle works in a particular way to help us move from self doubt and imposter syndrome to trust in ourselves and our creative process.

  • How we bring the discerning energy of inner autumn to craft marketing strategies that allow Red School’s work to expand in an aligned way.

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