Episode 34: Matrescence - The Initiation Into Motherhood

Becoming a mother is a profound initiatory journey. Journalist and coach, Amy Taylor Kabbaz remembers exactly the moment when she split in two. Fifteen minutes after her child was born, she went from independent, ambitious, ABC journalist, career woman, to completely surrendered mother who would do anything for her child.

That moment changed everything for her, and took her on her own personal pilgrimage to understand how motherhood initiates us. 

She’s interviewed hundreds of authors, maternal health experts, and teachers. She’s been the anthropologist, in the trenches of early motherhood, trying to decipher why so many of us feel burnt out, overwhelmed, and addicted to being busy. And she’s emerged from that time knowing that Matrescence is the missing link for truly understanding why women feel the way they do, and how we can revolutionise the way we think about and value motherhood.

In This Episode:
  • The fact that we’re not mothers at birth. Mothering is a verb - it’s a learnt act. And it gives us daily - hourly! - invitations to move from control, to surrender, if we are supported to cultivate the ability to trust our intuition.

  • How we hold onto the thread of ourselves as we to navigate the deep reorganising of priorities that happens in matressence.

  • How to negotiate to meet a world that doesn’t recognise the deep shifts that are happening within us, even as we’re inside this deep initiation of matressence

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