Episode 19: Trauma, Healing & Finding Safety through Cycle Awareness *Retreat Special* (Kitty Maguire)

In today’s fifth Wild Power Retreat special we explore how to work in a trauma-informed way as you track your cycle, so you can harness the healing potential of the practice safely. 

In the world of self development and healing, there can be a tendency to push ourselves too hard and too fast, in our desire to grow, expand our understanding and heal. Cycle awareness allows us to tap into the natural evolutionary impulse within us, which keeps us tuned into a pace that is truly healing for each of us.

Our guest today is trauma-informed yoga expert and menstruality mentor, Kitty Maguire. Kitty is a graduate of the Red School Menstruality Leadership Programme and is currently studying the Red School Menstruality Medicine Circle training.

In This Episode:
  • How holding yourself with tenderness and compassion in “the void”, just before you bleed has a healing impact for the rest of the cycle to come.

  • The challenge of cycle tracking when you’re having trouble conceiving, particularly in inner summer - the ovulatory phase, and how to heal from pregnancy loss.

  • Bringing humour to the judgmental, edgy parts of yourself that can be revealed in your inner autumn, premenstrual phase.

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