Episode 18: Relieve Stress & Create Balance through Cycle Awareness *Retreat Special* (Nicole Jardim)

Today’s conversation is about how to honour your cycle at work, manage stress and set yourself up to lead, in our non-cyclical world. 

Our guest is Nicole Jardim, a Certified Women’s Health Coach, writer, speaker, mentor, and the creator of Fix Your Period, a series of programs that empower women and menstruators to reclaim their hormonal health. Nicole shares personal stories and tips for how to stay true to the energy of your cycle day in the world of work and how our cycles can help us to manage the stress that can arise when the world doesn’t play ball. 

This special episode is session four of our free, online Wild Power Retreat, where we’re inviting you to make 2022 your year of menstrual cycle awareness.

In This Episode:
  • The science of the stress / menstrual cycle connection, how our cycles can be a resource when it comes to stress management, and how cycle tracking can help us mitigate the stresses of our day-to-day pandemic lives.

  • How to harness the powers of your inner seasons to make tough decisions at work, for example, Nicole has learned to only hire people in her ovulatory phase when her discernment and intuition are strongest!

  • How being aware of your strengths and challenges each day of your cycle month gives you a ‘crystal ball’ that allows you to work and lead from a place of empathy, authenticity and compassion for ourselves and others.

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