Episode 17: Ground Yourself in Body Wisdom through Cycle Awareness *Retreat Special* (Natalie K Martin)

Today’s episode of The Menstruality Podcast is session three of our free, online Wild Power retreat, where we’re exploring how to make 2022 your year of creativity, vitality and leadership, through the power of menstrual cycle awareness.

Period and Menstrual Cycle Coach Natalie K Martin guides us through the four cycle phases, inner season by inner season, exploring how to track the wisdom of your body through cycle awareness, and how to move in a cycle-inspired way that honours the energy of your current phase.

In This Episode:
  • The power of non-doing, rest and restorative yoga in inner winter (menstruation), and why silence is so key to accessing the powers of your bleed.

  • Strategies for winding down and creating space when you bleed, especially if you have a busy life; including longer toilet breaks, moving mindfully and adapting the way you work.

  • How to use music to enhance your cycle awareness practice, connect to pleasure, unleash your wildness through intuitive movement and harness the powers of each cycle phase.

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