Episode 16: Transform Your Health and Vitality through Cycle Awareness *Retreat Special* (Lisa Hendrickson Jack)

Cycle awareness can be a powerful key turner when it comes to menstrual health as well as overall health. The menstrual cycle is a stress sensitive system, which means it can show us how and where we can course correct in order to feel more vital and healthy.

In this episode we speak with Lisa Hendrickson Jack, Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner and author of The Fifth Vital Sign about how to translate the powerful feedback we receive from our cycle.

This is session two of our special Wild Power Retreat series, where we’re sharing inspiring conversations about how menstrual cycle awareness can help you enhance your vitality, creativity and leadership in 2022.

In This Episode:
  • How your cycle is your fifth vital sign and how it can guide you to better health.

  • The connection between menstrual health and overall vitality, and how to translate the feedback your cycle gives you into action to enhance your health.

  • What a healthy cycle looks like, and how to track your cycle when you have menstrual symptoms in a way which will support cycle healing.

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