Episode 11: How Menstrualism Can Birth Social & Environmental Change (Kate Shepherd Cohen)

Are you a menstrualist? Do you want to create a world where we all prioritise the menstrual cycle? Would you like to know how to work with your cycle to enhance your work as a changemaker?

Today’s guest is spear-heading the menstrualism movement. Kate Shepherd Cohen is a menstrual health pioneer, an author, activist, climate campaigner and CEO of a health tech start up. Since graduating from the Red School Menstruality Leadership Programme, she’s revolutionising menstrual healthcare in the UK, and is the first person in the world to offer a Menstrual Cycle Support programme on social prescription through the NHS.

Our conversation moves from the practical details of how to create change as a menstrual health advocate, to the visionary exploration of menstrual dreaming as a key tool for all social and environmental change work.

In This Episode:
  • Kate’s recent TEDx talk: “Period Problems - and Why There Is Hope”.

  • What a menstrualist is, why menstrualism is the most important movement of the 21st century, and how we can move through menstrual shame to claim our place in this social and cultural movement (whether we cycle or not).
  • Why menstrual rest is the foundation for any menstruator wanting to birth meaningful change, and how on earth to get it, as well as how we can practice menstrual dreaming to receive visions that guide and inform our work.
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