Episode 10: Period Poetry, Cyclical Creativity and Artistic Activism

No one else sees it.
No one else wants to
Only she can see
The beauty in her blood.

- Nikki Tajiri

This week we meet The Period Poet herself, Nikki Tajiri who is the author of “She Dreams When She Bleeds” which weaves original menstrual art with cycle-inspired, rebellious poetry and has reached women and menstruators all over the world, as well as “Murmur, rumble, roar”, an emotional exploration of the space where climate change meets inner transformation.

Nikki gracefully translates her intimate cycle awareness into artistic expression, and this episode is a soothing, gentle, lyrical exploration of how we can each express the magic of our cycles and activate our creativity, in our own unique way.

In This Episode:
  • How to follow the creative impulses that arise from the menstrual cycle, even when our inner critic tells us they’re crazy.

  • Why our world needs artists and creatives who dare to channel the fierce, truth-telling energy of inner autumn.

  • Why embracing the life-affirming rhythm and flow of our cyclical nature is so critical to solving the environmental crises we face.

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