Receive - Red Power Card Reading


Receive has both an archetypal place in the cycle - the third chamber of menstruation, Renewal, and is a subtle note of the second phase of the menstrual cycle from ovulation to menstruation or the Via Negativa as we like to call it (we devote a whole chapter in our book Wild Power to the two Vias if you are not yet familiar with this term). The chamber of  Renewal is that quintessential moment in the bleed when you have deeply given in to the bleed, releasing any tensions, griefs, tensions etc. Surrendering and emptying out (chamber two, Surrender), heralds in Renewal, announced by the most blessed feelings of love, soothing, and a deep rightness about who you are. It can be almost orgasmic. It’s like you are drinking deeply from the well of Life. You are being tanked up on affirmation of who you are and actual physical energy. You do have to let go to receive. It is an act of great trust. You feel held and all is well. Such is the energy of the power of Receive. There is nothing to be done, larger forces are at work that have your back, and your sacred task is to allow the goodness in, to receive it.In the second half of your cycle while you are clearly in charge, getting things done, you are simultaneously becoming more permeable to a larger consciousness, which is guiding you too. And so that’s why we say Receive is also a subtle note of the second half of your cycle. A delicate balancing act of your own will and a surrendering to something greater that is coming through now.  Receiving requires a deep letting go and utter trust you will be held.


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