13 allies for menstruation - #6 Solitude


Part 6 of 13 Solitude has to one of the most crucial allies for accessing the full healing and spiritual powers of menstruation. We know no replacement for it. You will feel the imperative for it from within your own being as you approach menstruation. So much of the premenstrual reactivity is connected to a need to be less encumbered and have more time and space for oneself.

You begin to drop down deeper and deeper into yourself and you’ll notice the need to push your boundaries out further so that you can have SPACE. And finally a moment will happen when you feel a very distinct call to retreat from daily life (e.g suddenly your focus falls away, you feel dreamy, overwhelmed, an urgency to get away - there are many more signs that we write of in our new book Wild Power). This is the signal that the first chamber of menstruation has arrived (you won’t be bleeding quite yet). Solitude has you by the short and curlies now. It’s demanding you take time for yourself. There’s a reason for this. There’s gold to pan for at menstruation and it needs your utter presence to yourself to be able to access it. Solitude at menstruation can open you to this inner gold - extraordinary states of inner knowing, union and bliss.

Suggestions for calling in the ally: For this coming month make it a priority to plan for some genuinely empty space at menstruation - get ruthless with your schedule, tell partners, friends what you want, get them onside. Remember our 1% rule - just give yourself a small dose of solitude in which you abandon all responsibility. It can be a hot bath with the bathroom door firmly locked and all technology silenced! Throw in Silence (i.e. even no music) and you’ll be gobsmacked by the miracle of menstruation. The crucial thing is not to be in ‘relating mode’ with anyone or anything. Risk loneliness, it’s worth it. It won’t last with menstruation on your side


How do you create Solitude for yourself during menstruation? Do share your experiences with us in the comments below. We love to hear from you


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