Thank you for your workshop. I had a great time and have started to put things into practice. Prior to it I had already realised that I needed to have some type of downtime on my creative process, in fact it was my singing teacher who advised it...but don't think I'd really given myself the permission to do it.  Just your simple diagram of the creative progress has really helped my mind to be at peace with this... I have also begun the process (of Cycle Awareness) and am already discovering lots of things.  The main one is how intrinsically different elements are connected.  It has only bought me closer to my voice and body, trying to accept where it is and work with it from there, rather than pushing it through the next hoop.  I am developing a new approach to my practice, it begins with meditation, into the breathing, into the exercises, and then if needs be into any songs I'm working on.  It is great to have the space to allow this process the time it needs, and it means I'm listening to my body as well as listening to what it can produce
Adele Bates, Classical Singer, 26yrs, Brighton, 2011

The Women's Quest Apprentices

The women listed on this register have all completed the Women's Quest Apprenticeship Training. The purpose of the training is to support women in finding their own 'voice' or authority to facilitate the work.

We don't teach how to facilitate it, but rather through a deep engagement with their own lived experience of the cycle in all its fullness, and sharing that in the company of other like minded women, women come to know the material from a deeply embodied level.

These women each have their own take on the work, their own unique expression.

Name Town Country Telephone Qualification Email Website
Adrienne Egan Dublin Ireland +353 868220366 & Skype: irishadrienne Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapistâ„¢, Menstruality Educator, Well Woman Yoga, Wellmother Practitioner, Findhorn Flower essences, Reiki/Seichem Send email View website
Carla Esteves Bath UK 07946364898 MA Dance and Somatic Wellbeing, Doula, specialising in women's healing and Ecotherapy Send email
Clare Warren Bristol UK +44(0)7596 409354 Skype – Clarity Vibration Supporting women's health and wellness with Homoeopathy, Vibrational Essences, Moon Mother Healing and Menstrual Awareness. Honouring the natural flow of the Feminine Cycle, offering education, remedies and ritual to awaken, change and heal. Send email View website
Mandy Adams Cornwall UK 07952836190 Womb Yoga teacher, menstruality educator Send email View website
Jewels Wingfield Forest of Dean UK 01594 861200 Send email View website
Fiona Willis Frome, Somerset UK 07930 100151 Shiatsu practitioner specialising in fertility, pregnancy and menstrual health, menstruality educator, doula, belly dance teacher, Birthing From Within mentor, singer. Send email View website
Lisa Lister Southampton/Portsmouth UK 07525 665284 Menstrual maven, plus-sized yoga teacher, spiritual guide-ess + creatrix of SASSYology - dedicated to sharing divine feminine mastery + badass-ery with gutsy girls. Send email View website
Penny Fuller West Lancashire UK Yoga Teacher/Therapist specializing in Women's Health & Spiritual Awakening View website
Marinella Benelli Bristol United Kingdom 07856125677 Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapist®; Well-Woman Yoga Therapist; Ayurvedic Massage Therapist; Menstruality Educator; Pregnancy, Postnatal, Family Yoga Teacher (Children's Yoga and Mindfulness) Send email View website
Jane Legge Gwynedd Wales 0786601467 Red Tent Facilitator, Eco Femme Ambassador, Moon Mother womb healing. Send email