Thank you, it was such a sacred space that allowed us to accept, enjoy and cherish what our bodies naturally do – how amazing that is and how powerful this is. In one day you have changed how I see my menstrual cycle and I am actually happy to have it! I feel for the first time more connected to my ‘feminine’ and am just beginning a journey of self–discovery—I’m excited where it leads—it is what I needed without knowing it! The informal, relaxed, nurturing space created made it easy for people to share and really come together somehow it felt like everyone connected even if we didn’t get to actually speak much to each other.
Daniela Beer, HR manager, 32 yrs, London
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The Wild Genie: The Healing Power of Menstruation
by Alexandra Pope
The Wild Genie: The Healing Power of Menstruation
  • Publisher: Authors Online 2014
  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Length: 220 pages

Menstruation is power­—the power of knowledge, understanding and love of your own mind, body and soul as a woman; the nourishment and nurturing of the Feminine—The Wild Genie.

 Immediately engaging and beautifully written by Alexandra Pope, The Wild Genie is a self–care guide for all women who want to enjoy their cyclical nature and experience a fulfilling and healthy life. It is also for parents who wish to pass on a positive experience of menstruation to their daughters, and for men to help them gain an insight into the world of women.

 The Wild Genie present a unique approach to menstruation that move beyond biology to restore a dignity and deep meaning to a woman’s cyclical nature. 


Praise for The Wild Genie: the healing power of menstruation

"...a courageous book...[that] is set to change the way a woman's menstrual cycle is viewed in Western society. Pope's vantage point has such resonance and potency as to be life-changing" Ruth Ostrow, The Weekend Australian

"In The Wild Genie Alexandra Pope weaves her personal story, numerous case studies, and a wealth of practical knowledge into a seamless cloth of menstrual wisdom. I highly recommend this book as a source of thoughtful insight into the power of our menstrual experience."  Lara Owen, author of Her Blood Is Gold

"... a delightful conjunction of common sense and poetry. Alexandra's own experiences of the imaginative power of the Wild Genie have loosened her tongue and given birth to some rich and creative prose. I'm sure many others will respond with gratitude to her ability to put into words innate truths that are waiting to be spoken. This book is destined to become a classic." Francesca Naish, author of numerous books including Natural Fertility.

"This book...perform[s] the magic of re-framing not only menstruation but women's experience of their bodies and lives. Alexandra Pope presents an affirming, rich and poetic view of an area of our lives all too often ignored, disliked or pathologised...this author writes with clarity and gentleness, demonstrating with stories how attention to the rhythms of women's lives and working with menstrual problems can lead to increased self knowledge, esteem, sensitivity and strength...a valuable present for any women and a worthwhile read for our partners. We could all benefit by learning more about the wild genie which inhabits our lives." Jane Hall, Diversity magazine

"I strongly recommend this book to all therapists, and particularly men who often have little knowledge about what happens to women experientially during their menstrual cycle...Using this book with clients by tasking them to read it at home will save a great deal of time and explaining within the clinical environment and [will] allow those clients to have much more efficacy in their own development...This is a very informative and enjoyable book, which celebrates the positive experience of menstruation." Dr Tracie O'Keefe DCH, Professor of Sex, Gender & Sexuality, Calamus International University, editor Hypnosis Australia magazine

"This is one of those rare books that if read with the right intent will gently but persuasively change your life forever. [Pope] weaves…individual stories into a wider cultural experience, revealing the great hidden power and meaning of menstruation...this is the first book of its kind to consider a holistic body/mind/soul/spirit approach to healing. There is a personal courage and frankness in this writing and Pope's own experience of severe menstrual pain and her path to healing is an inspiration. It strikes me that many women­—modern, feminist, self-aware women—still deny the power and meaning of their feminine cycle. This book highlights the ways that culture is literally written in the body and shows us how notions of linear time, rationality, competition versus co-operation are challenged by the beauty and strength of the menstrual cycle." Dr Anna Cole,

“Alexandra Pope has an exquisite understanding of the nature of the deep feminine. The Wild Genie is like a road map for women's changing nature. Alexandra builds on women's personal stories unfolding the essence of healing menstrual symptoms. Earthy, profound, supportive and practical information put The Wild Genie on the top of my list as a must for all women and men as a companion to understanding the female cycle and its echoes for the world.” Amy Scully,

“This is an inspiration to all women, whether they suffer from menstruation or not. It's an amazing feeling to know that you aren't alone in the world with the emotional upheaval and pain caused by menstruation. Most books I've encountered relate to the MEDICAL side of "period problems". I have now found one that recognises AND gives practical ways in which we, as normal functioning women, can experience and dare I say enjoy our specialness. After reading The Wild Genie, I see menstruation as something to look forward to and celebrate, rather than loathe. An inspiration to women of all ages!” Cindy Govett,



About the Author

With a background in education and twenty years experience as a psychotherapist, Alexandra now works as women's leadership coach, facilitator and healer based on the female model of development - the menstrual cycle - and the psycho-spiritual journey from menarche to menopause and beyond. She is author of The Woman's Quest and co-author of The Pill: are you sure it's for you.

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