Thank you for your workshop. I had a great time and have started to put things into practice. Prior to it I had already realised that I needed to have some type of downtime on my creative process, in fact it was my singing teacher who advised it...but don't think I'd really given myself the permission to do it.  Just your simple diagram of the creative progress has really helped my mind to be at peace with this... I have also begun the process (of Cycle Awareness) and am already discovering lots of things.  The main one is how intrinsically different elements are connected.  It has only bought me closer to my voice and body, trying to accept where it is and work with it from there, rather than pushing it through the next hoop.  I am developing a new approach to my practice, it begins with meditation, into the breathing, into the exercises, and then if needs be into any songs I'm working on.  It is great to have the space to allow this process the time it needs, and it means I'm listening to my body as well as listening to what it can produce
Adele Bates, Classical Singer, 26yrs, Brighton, 2011
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The Secret Feminine Energy of the Menstrual Cycle Poster
Cat Stone
Original artwork, hand drawn and designed by Cat Stone
The Secret Feminine Energy of the Menstrual Cycle Poster

A3, silk finish, art poster.  Printed on FSC approved paper.

Available from mid December 2011

"This feminine energy poster is a beautiful tool to aid your journey and help you to unfold the power of the menstrual cycle" 

Alexandra Pope, coauthor of The Pill: are you sure it's for you?


A3, silk finish, art poster.  Printed on FSC approved paper.

Original artwork, hand drawn and designed by Cat Stone, Only £10 + P&P*

Poster includes correspondences for the following:

  • Day's of your menstrual cycle.
  • Phases of the menstrual cycle.
  • Moon phases and Quarters.
  • Four Seasons.
  • Triple Goddess.
  • Four Directions.
  • The Lotus Flower.
  • Luteal and Follicular phases

Keywords for each season help remind you of the energy of each phase. 

A practical and beautiful poster that contains an 'at a glance' chart that will help you to focus on each phase of your cycle, and predict changes of energy over the coming month.  The poster is printed on quality FSC approved paper, helping to protect and sustain the Earth's forests.

Been asked out to a party in a couple of weeks?  Find where you are currently on the circle, count forward amount of days to see immediately where you will be in your cycle.

Pre-Ovulation or Ovulation might mean a 'YES!' where as Pre-Menstruation or Menstruation may be a 'No'.

It's visual forecast of the month ahead!

At the centre of the poster is a mandala.  Mandalas have long been known for aiding meditation and encouraging the mind to relax. 

The poster can be used as a focus for meditation on your menstrual cycle, and can aid the journey with your own cycle every month.

Display in a private place for contemplation, or in a more public place to allow others to learn your phases too!  I keep mine in the kitchen!

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