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Women's Quest News - Autumn 2011
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Greetings to you
We hope this finds you thriving or at least surviving OK in these complex times. In this newsletter we have information about our upcoming workshops and the Women’s Quest Apprenticeship training. We strongly feel that recovering the power of the cycle is a tangible, embodied form of World Work. When women recover their own practices and ways, when women come to accept themselves more deeply, when the wisdom of cyclical consciousness is intimately known and lived, we will have more tools and knowing to create peace and true abundance.
Alexandra has been blessed with two great weeks in Italy doing a workshop in Lucca, a beautiful Tuscan city, and a Womb Wisdom Retreat with womb yoga teacher Uma Dinsmore Tuli in a stunning Buddhist retreat centre, near Lake Garda. In Lucca we had a large group that included three lots of mothers and daughters. In fact the organiser Miriam Dinelli specifically wanted to run the workshop for her two daughters. She felt there was no finer legacy to leave them. Exploring female power with a group ranging from age 15 to 58 was powerful provocative stuff! The Womb Wisdom retreat was both deeply soothing and expansive. We felt so held by the energy of the place. We’re aiming to run it again in Italy next year. But for those of you who’d like it sooner we have one coming up in February in Stroud (details below).
Sjanie has been hard at work unlocking the arcane mysteries of technology and online training for her own work on fertility, which we hope to apply to the Women’s Quest work soon. We are both rather respectful now of what it takes – a lot of work(!) -  to get an online training up. 
In the meantime The Women’s Quest Apprenticeship training is in full swing. Sixteen generous hearted, intelligent, passionate and strong women have come together and that can only spell Trouble... glorious, creative, holy Trouble! Our first residential in September was like unlocking Pandora’s box. Alexandra has been holding and developing this work for almost 30 years now and this training is both the fruits of that and a further initiation into it.
Read on now for workshop information and also do check our Recommendations section where you'll find information about an exciting new online training in a process called Voice Dialogue.
Nov 19th Creating Menstrual Health
Contact:  Michelle Swann
Feb 10-12th Womb Wisdom Retreat
Feb 24: Moon Inside You screening
Feb 26th Creating Menstrual Health
March 10 -11th Women and Power, part 1, Recanati
March 17-18th Women and Power, part 1, Verona
For further information (in Italian and English) about the Italian workshops contact Laura Tonello
May 26th Creating Menstrual Health
June 2nd The Spiritual Power of Menstruation at the Mind Body Spirit Festival
The dates for next year’s apprenticeship are now up on the website. If you are interested do get in touch soon. This year’s training was oversubscribed. We have even begun tentatively thinking about an Apprenticeship training in Italy for March 2013. Again if you are interested do let us know.
The Pill: Are you sure it's for you?
The Italian version of The Pill  is now in the shops. It looks great.
The translator, Barbara Monti, has also translated Alexandra’s other writings.
The title of that is Menstruazioni and has sold steadily. May The Pill do that too!
The Woman's Quest Workbook
As Christmas is coming why not consider giving a copy of The Woman's Quest Workbook to the menstruating women in your life. If you buy more than one copy we'll give you a 10% discount.
To get this discount email
Voice dialogue Online Training
This training isn’t directly connected with the menstrual work but Voice Dialogue is such a great tool for learning to navigate your inner forces that we wanted to recommend it. You can use it to deepen into the different energies you experience in the different phases of the cycle, in particular the inner critic, that tough, challenging voice that has a way of nailing, even crippling us premenstrually. The organiser, John Kent, is one of Alexandra’s oldest and dearest friends, so we feel very confident in recommending it to you.
It’s a very thorough and well thought through programme and if you book by Jan 4th on this link you will get a 10% discount. do check this company out, find a puberty girl to treat with some of their gorgeous goodies! is a gynaecological medical practice in South West London run by Dr Trevor Wing that only uses natural remedies. His clinic also offers instruction in fertility awareness and will fit a diaphragm for you. It’s rare to find a doctor who is actively against hormonal contraception and offering viable alternatives.
Womb Yoga –if you haven’t experienced Uma Dinsmore Tuli’s womb yoga yet…here are a couple of opportunities.
Nov 26th in London - at the Life Centre
10th December in London - at  Special Yoga Centre, Wrentham Avenue Kensal Rise. Contact:
Programmes for girls and their parents in 2012: Jane Bennett, author of A Blessing Not a Curse: a mother daughter (a guide for mums to help their daughters through puberty) and my co-author of The Pill: are you sure it’s for you?, is coming to Europe in Autumn 2012.  She is an expert in working with girls/parents on the issue of puberty and natural fertility management, and would love to run workshops while she is here. For those of you with daughters or who are interested in preparing girls for puberty Jane is your person – she’s had many years of experience and is a wonderful teacher. If you are interested in workshops do get in touch with Jane at
She’s has also just produced a great new set of cards for girls for girls called Girltopia.
Check them out at here
As ever, we’d be very grateful if you could spread our news.
Warmest blessings,
Alexandra and Sjanie

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