The workshop really was amazing, I have been telling everyone about it, men and women! This work is amazing, and changing my life, currently a little topsy turvy as I settle into understanding the rhythms. I have been journaling, and taking time out during menstruation - it is very deep to have this space - my head is full of ideas, although I am finding it hard to find how to action them!
Anna Morton Writer, lawyer, mother 28 yrs. London 2012

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Women's Quest News - Spring 2011
Newsletter Created On: 19/04/2011 17:49:54

Spring Greetings to you in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn Greetings to you Southern Hemispherers from us at Women’s Quest. For those of you who know this menstrual work just through Alexandra and the Wild Genie website, please note that the Women’s Quest is now the new home for all the menstrual work.

There is much to share with you. Sjanie gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at home in late February and both are doing really well. Alexandra has already had a number of very successful menstrual adventures in Poland (Jan),  Italy (March) and Bristol. Conveniently, they had a mini thaw in Poland for the 10 days she was there which was a huge relief since she doesn’t do freezing temps well! And in the Italy one of the workshops she ran was a professional development training for midwives for which they got formal accreditation. This is quite a breakthrough.

With yoga teacher extraordinaire Uma Dinsmore Tuli we also ran the most wonderful Womb Wisdom Retreat in Stroud.
Make a note in your diaries for a retreat in Italy (near Verona) October 28 - 30th, and next year in Stroud again Feb 10th - 12th Feb, 2012.

We’ve teamed up with Mooncup to join the Brighton Fringe Festival in May with a screening of Moon Inside You and a workshop on creativity and your menstrual cycle. If you live in or near Brighton do join us. We want to make this a big event at which we really put menstruation on the public map. If it helps to encourage you... there could be some raw chocolate waiting for you on your seat at the screening!

As well as Brighton we have events in London, Ireland (Dublin and Cork), Poland and the new Women’s Quest Apprenticeship Training starting in September. We've added to our product list translations of the Menstrual Cycle Awareness ebook in Polish and Spanish, and finally we have some recommendations for you. All the details are below.

As ever we’d be very grateful if you could spread our news and information through your networks.




May 17th Moon Inside You screening

May 21st  Menstruation – Unleash your creativity



May 15th Discover a woman’s inner secret to health and success (talk). For details contact

May 28th   Creating Menstrual Health with ALTERNATIVES



June 16th  Unveiling the Female Mystery (talk) for details contact

June 18th Creating Menstrual Health



June 25th Creating Menstrual Health 



July 13 to 22nd talks, workshops and individual session. Details yet to be finalised. For more information contact Estera



This is the first time anywhere in the world for such a comprehensive leadership programme for women to be run based on the wisdom of the cycle. A programme in which you can begin to explore the true nature of your feminine power and the power of the Feminine. It has had a long gestation, a timing that could not be pushed or rushed, but it seems on September 1 (the day of the first residential) it’s finally going to be born. It is for any woman who wants to take this work further whether in her own personal journey or professionally. It is exciting to see the training slowly taking shape and women inquiring from a number of countries: France, Italy, Spain, Poland and Ireland. Curiously all Catholic countries….could it be do with Alexandra’s surname?! If you haven’t yet heard about the training or want more information go to

The dates of the residentials are Sept 1–4 2011, Jan 19–22 2012, May 11–14 2012



The community site is steadily growing and already includes a special Italian group. If you haven’t yet joined and want to, send Alexandra an email on If you’re already a member but haven’t yet joined in the conversations please do. It’s so good getting women’s stories and experiences of the cycle and related matters, and especially if you are struggling you might find some supportive words from other woman.

As some of you may know we now pay for the site. Thank you to those of you who helped us last year with payment. We have to renew our membership in June and if you can help in anyway however modest we would be very grateful.


We now have translations of the Menstrual Cycle Awareness eBook in Polish and Spanish, which is very exciting and we do hope to have more translations in due course.



Womb Yoga: do check out this deeply nourishing, restorative yoga taught by Uma Dinsmore Tuli. We think it’s pretty special and a natural companion to the menstrual work. She has regular classes in London, Bristol and Stroud, and will be running a course in July in Ireland. Go to and click on ‘womens yoga’.


Programmes for girls and their parents in 2012: Jane Bennett, author of A Blessing Not a Curse (a guide for mums to help their daughters through puberty) and my co-author of The Pill: are you sure it’s for you?, is coming to Europe in Autumn 2012.  She is an expert in working with girls/parents on the issue of puberty and also natural fertility management, and would love to run workshops while she is here.


For those of you with daughters or who are interested in preparing girls for puberty Jane is your person – she’s had many years of experience and is very good. If you are interested in workshops do get in touch with Jane at She has also just produced a great new set of cards for girls called Girltopia, check them out.


Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life by Dr Claudia Welch (Da Capo Press), is a new book based on achieving optimal health and wellness through Ayuveda, Chinese Medicine and Western Science.


It is an excellent guide to how your hormones work, the effects of stress and subsequent fallout of that on your overall health. Such is her style, it’s a pleasure to read and packed full of wisdom on healing–worth checking out indeed, and especially for those of you who suffer from menstrual woes. 




Sex, Meaning and the Menopause by Sue Brayne (Continuum) is a new book to look out for in June. Alexandra has had a sneak preview and it’s a great read, in particular including the voices of men, which were illuminating and moving.

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