Women's Quest Spring News
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Wow, have we been going through an evolution/revolution or what recently?! We’re sure there must be some pretty big forces at work in the background affecting us.
Our new identity
It all began over two years ago with a simple innocent thought (beware the innocent thought) that we should offer something online. Well, if you have been reading our newsletters you’ll know that simple innocent thought became a monster. A monster we now in fact love but it has been hard work and a little overwhelming on occasion. 
Women's Quest New Year News
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Happy New Year…we hope this year feels rich with possibility and promise for you and that you may find a deep fulfilment and peace in all that you are and do.
In this newsletter we want to tell you about our vision and plans for Women’s Quest, tell you more about our upcoming Womb Wisdom Retreat (co-facilitated with Uma Dinsmore Tuli), and other workshops for the year. Plus you’ll find some interesting links and recommendations at the end.

The secret to unlocking your power
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Would you love to learn how to manage your energies as a woman naturally and discover how the female body is hardwired for ecstasy? 
Women's Quest Late Summer News 2014
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Welcome to our late summer (we can hardly bear to say it) early Autumn newsletter. Such a poignant moment as the Northern Hemisphere year changes gear, shifts down and in. An inevitability and a necessity for All to hold together, but we do grieve slightly to feel the light retreating and the summer warmth fading. No doubt we will adjust in due course and settle into the soul gathering forces of Autumn, but for a moment we look back and try to hold on to the delights of Summer. 
Womens Quest Summer News 2014
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Welcome to our summer newsletter. What bliss it is to have the long hours of light, bathing in the sun’s warmth in all the fecundity of nature. We are giving thanks for this transcendent time of the year. 
Womens Quest News Spring 2014
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Greetings to you all. We hope this finds you very well. Here is a little of our news and future workshops.


Women's Quest Autumn Newsletter 2013
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This is either a very late summer or early autumn newsletter. Summer has seemed to zip by…we must have been just too busy soaking up all the lovely sun we have had here in UK. We hope you have all been bathed in some glorious sun wherever you are. 
Women's Quest Spring News 2013
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Greetings everyone! This year is seeing the birth of some new workshops for us – Menopause, Menstrual Movement and the Menstrual Medicine Circle. Alexandra also had the opportunity to speak on the Women’s International Summit for Health teleseminar series recently. You can find the link to that interview in the newsletter.

Womens Quest Winter Newsletter 2012
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​Hi there! Warmest greetings to you all and a Happy New Year.

We have much to share with you in this newsletter: our upcoming workshops, including new ones, some documentary screenings, the next Women’s Quest Apprenticeship Training, some reflections from Jo Macdonald on Jane Bennett’s wonderful programme for girls, and some interesting recommendations including a story of a woman who cleared her fibroids naturally…read on!

Get your diaries out for this coming year’s adventures in menstrual consciousness! We genuinely feel this menstrual work in all its fullness is offering something vital for the healing and wellbeing of our planet.


Womens Quest Autumn Newsletter
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We do hope this finds you well. In this newsletter you will find information about our upcoming workshops and retreat, a documentary screening and dates for the new Apprenticeship training for 2013/14.

Unleash your Creativity
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Here’s a radical idea...

As a woman, your menstrual cycle is the direct route to fulfilling your creative potential. Yes, right there in your own body is the guidance and appropriate resources you need to realise your ideas in the world.

Womens Quest News - Late Summer 2012
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Once again it’s a late summer newsletter, perhaps it’s because we’re still waiting for summer to arrive here in UK!  In this newsletter we have information about our 9–month Apprenticeship training, Autumn and Winter workshops, a film screening, some recommendations and a chance for you to WIN a rare out of print, signed copy of Alexandra’s first bookThe Wild Genie 
Menarche and Holistic Contraception
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Whenever we run a menstrual workshop apart from the indignant anger that arises  at not being taught this information before (we try not to take it personally!), comes the cry that we have to be teach it to girls. Wellnow is the time to learn about the girls' work. The expert in this area is Jane Bennett, Alexandra’s co-author of The Pill: are you sure it’s for you?

Womens Quest News - Spring 2012
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We are just coming to land after completing the final residential of our first ever Women’s Quest Apprenticeship leadership training. It was an amazing experience to have the time and 18 strong, tender, intelligent women willing to immerse themselves in this work for 9 months. What a container we made to articulate and feel the forming of a new body of knowledge for women: our Way—our model of individuation, creative unfolding and spiritual practice.  We feel it’s the beginning of something very exciting and rather huge! If you want to learn more about this work and the training, do check it out . We have a new training starting this coming September. 
Womens Quest News - Late Winter 2012
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Greetings one and all…from an icy cold and bright england. We have news about our upcoming workshopsdocumentary screenings and the next Women’s Quest Apprenticeship Training, so please read on.

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Women's Quest News - Autumn 2011
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We strongly feel that recovering the power of the cycle is a tangible, embodied form of World Work. When women recover their own practices and ways, when women come to accept themselves more deeply, when the wisdom of cyclical consciousness is intimately known and lived, we will have more tools and knowing to create peace and true abundance.  
Women's Quest News - Late Summer 2011
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We hope this finds you well and catching those last warm rays of sunlight as we come to the end of summer in the Northern Hemipshere, while those of you on the other side of the world will be tasting an awakening to Spring.  
Women's Quest News - Spring 2011
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Spring Greetings to you in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn Greetings to you Southern Hemispherers from us at Women’s Quest.There is much to share with you.