Thank you, it was such a sacred space that allowed us to accept, enjoy and cherish what our bodies naturally do – how amazing that is and how powerful this is. In one day you have changed how I see my menstrual cycle and I am actually happy to have it! I feel for the first time more connected to my ‘feminine’ and am just beginning a journey of self–discovery—I’m excited where it leads—it is what I needed without knowing it! The informal, relaxed, nurturing space created made it easy for people to share and really come together somehow it felt like everyone connected even if we didn’t get to actually speak much to each other.
Daniela Beer, HR manager, 32 yrs, London
A Womans Quest (to recover from the Pill)
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3 years ago I met the love of my life and decided to go on the pill out of fear of getting pregnant. Before making this decision I had always been very health conscious and ran a mile at the thought of taking such a drug... however, the anxiety I felt left me with no other choice. 
Schools, Shakespeare and the Menstrual Cycle
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This year I put my self-employed artistic career on the shelf, and began full time teacher training as a Secondary School English teacher. Having spent several years working with artists, thespians and musicians who completely understood my menstrually conducted schedule, how was I going to fit into the constricted regime of a school, where bells rather than mucus consistency tell you where you are in a week?

Transforming menarche, transforming self
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My experience of menarche at twelve was pretty awful. 
I was raging through a storm at home. I’d just told my mother that her husband had been abusing me for the last eight years and in her subsequent confusion, her anger was directed squarely at me.
High school was looming and my teacher had been grilling me about my home life. Looking back, I think I gave off a stink of sadness and fear. Life was pretty shit really! When I began to bleed I knew nothing of menstruation. I’d perhaps heard whispers at school but the details were sketchy- I was angry that my life pretty rubbish and now I was fairly certain that I might die. Great!
Finding the key to healing severe period pain
Womens Story Created On: 15/10/2013 15:25:44

First time we met was in October 2011 for the seminary YOGA DEL GREMBO (Womb Wisdom Retreat) with you (Alexandra) and Uma Dinsmore Tuli. That was a great experience that changed my life, or at least a part of my life.

As you know I have been practising yoga and shiatsu for many years and I'm not very fond of medicines in general because I don't believe that they work on the real root of the problem. So when I've heard the title of your workshop I thought it could have been something helpful for my monthly problem. I had a bad relationship with my menstruation. I considered it a nuisance that once a month was disturbing my normal life with pain and bad mood. The pain was so strong that most of the times I was laying in bed for at least one day without being able to move my legs. The cramps in the womb were so intensive that my breath was sometimes stopping.



'Breakingthrough' to new possibilities
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'Breakingthrough' to new possibilities

In December 1999, after several months of hemorrhaging, I was diagnosed with massive fibroid tumours and told I had to go into hospital immediately for a full hysterectomy. 

I'd had a long history of debilitating menstrual pain and was no stranger to dealing with various health challenges. The most recent had been as a result of a car accident three years earlier, on remote Easter Island, in which I'd suffered a broken neck. 

Somehow, despite the pressure being exerted by the gynaecologist, I gathered sufficient strength to say ‘NO’. I was deteremined to resolve my sysmptoms using more natural means.


Womens Story Created On: 24/06/2012 22:14:12

I want to say a huge Thank you to you and Sjanie  for the Creating Menstrual Health workshop on the 26th May.

Oh what can I say. I can't even write this email without getting emotional. It has made such a huge difference to my life. My periods have been hell and were getting worse and worse and worse. I didn't even consider my 'cycle'. I had absolutely no awareness of what was really happening with my body. Oh..who knew that you could have a period and enjoy it?? Who knew that each season has a gift?

The subtle effects of the copper coil
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An email from Eloise Minton to the Women’s Quest website regarding her experience of using the copper coil.

Hi there,

I wonder if you could help me with a query? I've recently had a copper contraceptive coil (IUD) fitted after much research into the side effects of this method of contraception. I decided to try the IUD, which contains no hormones, as I felt that there was so much conflicting data that I needed to try this method for myself. I have been surprised that I have not suffered from unnecessary pain in the 6 weeks since I had it fit. However I have become aware of some other changes that appear to be on an emotional and/or bio energetic level. I've also been feeling loss at altering my cycle.

Insight and creativity
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I'm in deep Autumn bordering Winter - in fact I thought that I was going to bleed yesterday (day 25) but I didn't...I was exhausted from treatments and other work and went to bed quite early. As I lay down on my back deeply enjoying the feeling of surrendering my autumnal body to the bed I had the most powerful moment of insight and creativity I have ever had!  
Discovering creativity in the premenstrual pain
Womens Story Created On: 28/11/2011 17:29:44

I am putting on a play. WOW. Hurrah. You were right. My ‘winter’ has an equal and opposite ‘summer’. I am riding my massive emotions and facing my block. I am using the cycle map to read my reactions. I am also trying to use the cycle to feyness my writing. I have written this show for myself and when i want an ingredient in the show I write at the right time. I wanted a bit more sex so I wrote when i was ovulating. I wanted to contact the character's anger so I wrote when I felt a progestrone dump after ovulating. I haven't fully accepted my depression yet but I am riding it. I am trying not to judge it and letting all the tears flow.

My Journey Through Depression
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The Pill book was quite recently recommended to me for various reasons. My name is Sarah I live in Bristol and am 26 years of age, I have been seeing a counsellor (Sally Walters for five years now as I have suffered with depression during that time I have also been diagnosed with poly-cystic ovaries and have faced extremely bad issues with my cycle year after year. My symptoms have varied overall, my periods were very irregular and painful enough for me to up and leave my place of business every 48-56 days for retreat with many pain killers hot water bottles and generally feeling very sorry for myself. I then felt forced to take the pill as a way out of the nightmare I felt trapped by my body and being in my early 20's at the time acne plagued my life and added to my depression.