I have been amazed at the wonderful things that have been happening to me with this new awareness of my cycle.
Marisa Findlay, Brighton workshop Feb 2010

How Can it Help Me

Menstrual cycle awareness is the key for awakening your menstruality and is vital for any woman in her menstruating years who wants to live her life with depth and meaning. It can help you in many areas of your life—health and wellbeing, life and work management, creativity and spiritual life.

Awakening your menstruality can:
  • Develop greater self–acceptance
  • Open your Intuition
  • Unleash your creative resources
  • Assist you to heal menstrual problems
  • Connect you with your wise inner guidance
  • Allow you to experience the pleasure and power of being a woman
  • Transform your relationship with men
  • Connect you with your Calling
  • Help you to a new appreciation of the Feminine
  • Take you on a spiritual journey custom made for you
  • Awaken the forces of Love

This list is an indication of some of the resources of your cycle. As you engage with it you will begin to find more possibilities for yourself.

It is essential work for any woman who works with other women whether in education, health and healing, counselling and psychotherapy, or coaching.