I have been amazed at the wonderful things that have been happening to me with this new awareness of my cycle.
Marisa Findlay, Brighton workshop Feb 2010

How Can I Learn About Menstruality?

You can learn about Menstruality in a number of ways:

Get to know your own cycle

The simple act of charting your cycle—respecting and cooperating as much as you can with its changing rhythm—will begin to create greater tenderness towards yourself, more effectiveness in your daily life and may surprise you with some lovely insights. To get you started why not sign up for our FREE Menstrual Cycle Literacy online programme.

Working with The Women's Quest Workbook

The Women's Quest Workbook is a 13-session self–guiding course specifically designed to initiate you into the hidden powers of your body over 13 menstrual months. Each menstrual month you focus on a different aspect of the cycle, each session building on the one before.

Coming to one of our workshop programmes

Although a women's body comes coded with her very own custom made spiritual practice, centuries of oppression of women's knowledge, the cultural devaluation of the Feminine and the loathing of menstruation have meant that we have been locked out of this inner practice. We have lost the language and 'sight' to unfold its powers. At our workshops, retreats and training programmes you will begin to find again the means to realise this uniquely female path of psychological and spiritual development for yourself. Find out more about our workshops, retreats and training programmes.

Benefit from one-to-one Women's Coaching

We offer one-to-one coaching sessions for women using the menstrual template to help you heal, unlock the powers of your being and support your personal and spiritual journey. For more information and to book a session please email us. email us.

Join the Community

Sign up for our online programme and you will have access to our new online community. It is a place where women from all around the world can meet and share their experiences and stories about menstruality. The community is private and intimate and open only to those who are doing the online programme.

Read a book or two or three...

There are a number of books and eBooks written by Alexandra. To find out more about the books and eBooks visit the online shop. For a list of recommended books please visit the Resources.

Listen to a Guided Meditation

Taking time to relax and be still can help you to tune into your body and the teachings of your cycle. Sjanie has created these mp3 meditations as tools to support this and deepen your self-understanding.