I'm so happy that I received guidance that led me to you!! I feel like an explorer setting out on a tremendous adventure. Everything we covered yesterday blends seamlessly with my tcm studies and experiences in women's health, so I'm looking forward to experiencing the fullness and richness of my cycle, as well as incorporating it into the way I work with and educate patients.
Maisie Hill, doula and TCM student

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Red School Online Programme

The work of menstruality has huge possibilities and applications in all areas of our lives. Wherever you find yourself and whatever you are doing you will be able to apply this knowledge and not just for the betterment of yourself but also the world around you. ‘It’s a game changer,’ as one woman commented after only a one day workshop.

We offer a series of seven online programmes to develop your inner knowledge of the menstrual cycle and the developmental journey from menarche to menopause and beyond.

1 Menstrual Cycle Literacy
This course introduces you to the most fundamental life skill for every woman – menstrual cycle awareness. Cycle awareness is a way of being connected to your self at all times, giving you the means to understand yourself better, manage your energy and radically reduce stress levels. You’ll learn how to chart the physical and emotional pattern of your cycle and discover your unique rhythm for experiencing optimum wellbeing.
2 Menarche
Menarche is your very first period. How you are seen and related to in that moment can impact your sense of yourself and experience of menstruation. In this course you will re-initiate yourself into your menstrual journey, create a new more affirming inner ‘ground’ for living your life, and awaken to the essence of your Calling.
3 Foundations
Foundations introduces you to the three inner maps of the menstrual cycle, your very own in-built guide to your power. With these maps you have a way to understand and navigate your own nature - discovering your talents and vulnerabilities, finding your Calling and deepening into exquisite states of spiritual consciousness. These maps are the initiatory dynamic of the menstrual cycle at work, and working with them is your means of initiation.
4 Wellness
Wellness gives you the foundational self-care and inner work skills for building healthy boundaries, getting to know and manage your own energies, developing a sturdy sense of self and ability to go out achieve things in your life. And these are your key building blocks for realising your full creative and spiritual potential, your menstruality power.
5 Creativity
Creativity builds on the skills you have developed in Wellness to help you find and fulfil your unique creative expression. It teaches you the necessary stages of any creative endeavour, how those stages are embodied in your monthly cycle, and how to face and harness the role of the inner critic in service of who you are and what you create.
6 Spirituality
Spirituality builds on and refines the knowledge and inner discipline you have been developing from the previous courses to help you deepen into the spiritual powers of menstruation including the most exquisite sense of Holy Union; understand the feminine initiatory process; and experience your whole cycle as a tuning instrument for the World, to know and feel yourself and the World as one.
7 Menopause
Menopause is the final initiation in your menstruality journey...the ultimate ego-busting moment. A death and rebirth process, menopause is Awakening, and therefore potentially deeply empowering and liberating, as you step into a sustained expanded consciousness and sense of oneness with the world. You'll learn about the stages of that Awakening process and the crucial tools you'll need to fulfil the huge power of this time.