Thank you for such a wonderful presentation yesterday.  I booked for the day just for your session even though I'd never heard of you and I wasn't disappointed.  I found what you had to say immensely liberating and enlightening - only wish I'd heard this years ago. Also it has given me some insight into menopause which I have just gone through.
Dr Julia Spivack, Primary Care Physician in Natural Medicine, Ayurvedic Practitioners Association CPD day, London 2011
Should menopause be such a drama? (Or, how to make sure you have the best menopause ever.)
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Menopause is a time of radical awakening and your menstruating years help you to build the psychological and spiritual ‘muscle’ to meet the challenge of that awakening. When you are not connected to your cycle, you are unprepared for menopause. And it is that unpreparedness that causes much of the distress and suffering that too many women experience. 
Adventures in Creativity
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by Alexandra Pope

We had hit That Moment. You know the’s when you wonder why you are doing what you are doing, the moment when you think it’s all s**t, or you’re just punch drunk with exhaustion and never want to see your creative project again. All the shine has gone from the initial great vision you had. Or maybe it’s ‘what vision?’. You have forgotten what it was that made you want to do this thing, and now you’re over it and could easily walk off into the sunset never to return.

Appreciating menstruation: An interview with Alexandra Pope
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Interview with hannah ransom from Holistic Hormonal Health

  • How the menstrual cycle is the best self-care tool you could ask for
  • Why body literacy is as vital as (just plain) literacy
  • How and why your experience of your menstrual cycle may differ in different phases of your life
  • What some of the best steps to take are when you are trying to deal with cramps or PMS
  • So, if you aren’t sure that you have the time right now, bookmark it for later.
Testimonianza sul lavoro con Alexandra Pope
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della dott.ssa Annarita Corradini, Psicologa clinica

Testimonial for the work of Alexandra Pope
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by Annarita Corradini, Clinical Psychologist, Italy

I first met Alexandra Pope reading one of her books The Wild Genie, translated into Italian with the title of Mestruazioni. Something stirred in me from the first pages. I couldn’t at once realize the reason why I felt so much liking and closeness then I started understanding that what I liked about her were two precise things.

Los peligros de la pildora
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La pastilla anticonceptiva es un medicamento que interfiere en las funciones normales del organismo de la mujer y con efectos adversos en su salud y en la del medio ambiente.


l cumplir 27 años, tras tomar pastillas anticonceptivas durante diez años, Holl dejó este método. Había probado varias marcas, pero se  dio cuenta de que todas le provocaban efectos secundarios, tanto físicos como emocionales: se sentía deprimida, tenía ansiedad,  cambiaba constantemente de humor, se cansaba más de lo normal, estaba confusa y desorientada y experimentaba síntomas parecidos a los de la gripe. “No me sentía como debe sentirse una chica de 26 años que vive con todo tipo de lujos en Londres. Por las mañanas, prácticamente tenía que ir arrastrándome al trabajo”, explica esta joven londinense.


Published in Integrale Magazine, 2010, Spain

Follow your natural cycle
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For most women, menstruation is a hassle – something we just learn to put up with once a month. And for those women who suffer problems, it can be distressing. But what if our menstrual cycle could be a real asset, a means by which we can live a more empowered and healthy life?

Published in Psychologies Magazine September 2010

The Power of Menstruation
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Do you suffer from menstrual problems? Do you dread getting your period every month? Maybe you think of it as a curse or something you just put up with. Or could you be one of a growing number of women who are waking up to the power of the menstrual cycle and using that knowledge, not only to heal their bodies, but also, to be more creative and empowered in their lives.

An article published in Positive Life Magazine June 14, 2010

Real Life: From curse to blessing
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Most women resort to painkillers to deal with period pain but there is another way to solve this monthly malaise -- you just need to pay attention to your cycle.

An article published in the Irish Independent, 10 May 2010